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Awesome & Easy Chicken Wings

While not a deep fried chicken wing, as those famous ones from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, these are not only easy to make and bake - but addictive.

Maple Wings

These spicy maple wings are the perfect way to keep everyone happy on game night.

Two Way Wings

This easy chicken wing recipe lets you make two favourite flavours at the same time, perfect for a potluck or barbeque.

Tandoori Chicken Wings on the Grill

These flavourful wings are great served with grilled naan bread.

Orange and Pecan Hot Wings

These spicy, nutty wings are a cinch to put together. Delicious as part of dinner or for your next potluck, they will soon become a mainstay in your recipe box.

Marmalade Soy Chicken Wings

The oranges in marmalade pair wonderfully with the soy sauce in this recipe, creating a finger-licking good glaze you’ll need plenty of napkins for.

Curried Rum Chicken Wings with Grilled Pineapple

These sticky, smoky chicken wings will soon become your favourite chicken recipe.

Boneless Buffalo Hot Wings with Vegetable Sticks and Blue Cheese Dressing

Here is a simple and delicious method to make healthier, lower priced "wings" with boneless chicken thighs.

Balsamic Honey Chicken Wings

While honey-garlic glazes are a classic on chicken wings, this tangy combination of balsamic vinegar and honey will have your mouth watering.

Asian Chicken Wings

These addictive Asian-inspired wings are sticky and delicious. Make sure to have lots of napkins on hand when you make this recipe!