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14 Make-Ahead Freezer Meals

A great way to ensure you’re eating healthy is to prepare a few larger meals when you have time, and freeze them in individual portions. Having homemade ready-meals in the freezer means not having to settle for packaged meals, which tend to be higher in sodium and calories, and let’s face it, just not as tasty as something you’ve made from scratch.

  1. Recipes

    Big Batch Chicken, Lentil, Bean & Rice Soup

    Looking for something to make ahead of time and have on hand for healthy instant meals? This big-batch of nutritious soup freezes and reheats wonderfully, sa...
  2. Recipes

    Old Fashioned Chicken Soup

    A from-scratch chicken soup made from chicken legs simmered into a simple broth. No need for ready-to-serve chicken broth when it is so simple to make your own.
  3. Recipes

    RR's Individual Chicken Pot Pie

    Chicken pot pies remind me that winter is coming.
  4. Recipes

    Dill Chicken in Foil

    These foil-wrapped packets of chicken in dill make for easy portion control and easy cleanup.
  5. Recipes

    Chicken and Broccoli Calzones

    Calzones are a terrific lunch idea for the grab-and-go types.
  6. Recipes

    Spicy Rubbed Chicken

    Save money by making your own spice rub at home. It's inexpensive and doesn't contain all of the additives that you would find in a store bought package.
  7. Recipes

    Chicken Chili

    This traditional chili recipe uses chicken instead of beef for a lighter flavour that holds up to the other ingredients.
  8. Recipes

    Individual Lemony Pot Pies

    Is there anything better than getting your own individual pot pies? Not only is the presentation so much more special, but also if you’re only cooking for on...
  9. Recipes

    Saucy Chicken Meatballs & Pasta

    This simmered, one-pot meal combines well loved meatballs and whole-wheat pasta to create a budget friendly meal. Any leftovers are just as delicious reheated.
  10. Recipes

    Chicken Lasagna Roll Ups

    This lighter, healthier version of traditional lasagna is a welcome addition to the dinner table. Serve with crusty bread and a Caesar salad.
  11. Recipes

    Chicken and Olive Empanadas

    Empanadas are a delicious snack or lunch that hail from south of the equator. It is a Latin pastry and the filling depends greatly on what country is making it.
  12. Recipes

    Fiesta Ground Chicken Hashbrowns

    Tex Mex lovers will especially adore this easy slow cooker recipe featuring lean ground chicken, diced peppers and frozen hash brown potatoes.
  13. Recipes

    Chicken Pasta with Whisky Cream Sauce

    This recipe is perfect for both casual and formal occasions, and will undoubtedly make your date feel special.
  14. Recipes

    Chicken Parmigiana

    This is a perfect meal for the picky eater.