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10 Ways to Make Your Grilled Chicken Great

If you’ve been grilling all season and feel like you’re running out of ideas, here are 10 easy grilled chicken recipes to infuse new life into your grilled chicken repertoire. From whole bird main courses to wraps and salads, there’s a myriad of ways to enjoy grilled chicken this season. Try some this week!

  1. Recipes

    Grilled Chicken Pita Wraps

    These chicken pitas are filled with marinated chicken breast and chunks of fresh cucumber and tomato. Warm the pitas right on the grill for a hot wrap to be enjoyed for lunch or dinner.
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    Butterflied Herb and Lemon Grilled Chicken

    The delicate flavours of cilantro, rosemary and thyme come through between notes of lemon and garlic, giving this traditional Greek chicken recipe a light zesty taste. An easy chicken dinner!
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    BBQ Chicken Salad

    This is one mighty salad, with large chicken chunks marinated in an Asian-inspired ginger-garlic sauce. Enjoy as a delicious main or side salad, or wrap it up in pita bread for lunch on the go.
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    Grilled Chicken with Chimichurri Sauce & Brown Rice

    The green goodness of parsley and fresh oregano give chimichurri sauce its signature colour. Chimichurri works both as a delicious chicken marinade and a side sauce in this recipe, with its spiciness from the jalapeños complemented by the nutty flavour of brown rice.
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    Grilled Mediterranean Chicken & Bread Salad

    This is a great all-in-one dish. The same dressing that’s used on the finished salad works double-duty as a pre-grill dressing you can brush on the chicken breasts. Get extra miles out of your grill and brush the sliced baguette with some dressing before toasting it on the grill too. A great light dinner idea.
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    Saucy Mozzarella & Chicken Burgers

    If you thought tomato sauce was relegated to pizzas and pastas, think again. Paired with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce makes the perfect topping for these slightly spicy Italian-style chicken burgers.
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    Tandoori Chicken Wings on the Grill

    Make your own tandoori masala powder for these delicious grilled chicken wings –– it’s easier than you think!
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    Garlic Lime Chicken

    The cool lime with pepper and garlic of this grilled chicken recipe make it very versatile. Enjoy warm from the grill with a side salad, or cut into strips and toss into salads with a lime vinaigrette. You can also use it as a filling for fajitas, sandwiches, and more.
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    Grilled Chicken with Fig, Grape and Walnut Salsa

    This chicken dinner recipe is inspired by the Mediterranean with a sweet salsa that includes grapes, dried figs, walnuts, red wine, and a touch of ginger. Keep it simple and grill your chicken breast with a simple brushing of oil, salt and pepper to let the flavours of the Mediterranean really come through in the final dish.
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    Chicken Peri Peri

    Peri peri is a great spicy marinade for the BBQ that you can easily make at home. Originally from Mozambique, the peri peri marinade gives a spicy, garlic flavour to the chicken breast meat.