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Tried & True: 10 Classic Chicken Recipes

There are some recipes that when mentioned call to mind the image of a trained chef, calmly combining ingredients with precision to create a dish that simultaneously soothes and excites the taste buds. These recipes come from a long history of development, and have become household names and standards of excellence. 

But what turns a recipe into a true classic? What is it these recipes share in common that has us coming back to them time and time again?

One of the reasons these recipes have become household favourites is because they are accessible to the average cook. You don’t need to be a trained chef in a professional kitchen to whip up a perfect pot pie or savoury soup.These recipesare not set in stone, and use ingredients that can easily be substituted for others that you have on hand. This adds to their accessibility. You can still prepare these dishes even if you don’t have access to a high-variety grocery store.

But the ease with which these recipes can be mastered is not enough to get you hooked. What really has us coming back for more are the complex flavours these recipes create through flavour layering. Flavour layering is the process of combining ingredients to enhance and deepen the flavour of a dish. This can be done in many ways, including adding spices or herbs, cooking with broth, searing meat, or deglazing your cooking pan, just to name a few. True classic recipes feature a combination of different types of flavours. One-dimensional dishes tend to fall flat – after just a few bites you feel like you’ve experienced everything the dish has to offer. Dishes with multi-dimensional flavour keep on giving, bite after bite. There’s always something new to taste. 

Here are some of our favourite tried & true classic chicken recipes, from our table to yours.

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    Chicken Parmigiana

    This is a perfect meal for the picky eater. This meal combines all that is delicious about pasta and a simple red sauce and then goes as far as to top it off with lightly fried chicken breasts and cheese.
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    Chicken à la King

    This stew-like dish combines chicken and mushrooms in a wholesome, creamy sauce. The richness of the sauce and earthiness of the mushrooms create a depth of flavour that elevates this seemingly ordinary dish to the level of classic comfort food. 
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    No Fry Chicken Cordon Bleu with Mushroom Sauce

    Traditional cordon bleu is made with a cut of meat, usually chicken, pork, or veal, wrapped around thinly sliced ham and cheese, then breaded, and fried or baked. In chicken cordon bleu, chicken breast acts as the perfect canvas to showcase the smokiness of the ham and sweet-saltiness of the cheese.
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    Chicken Kiev

    This French-inspired Russian classic is truly indulgent. Boneless chicken breast is pounded until tender, wrapped around a decadent mixture of garlic, butter, shallots, and spinach, and then fried until golden brown. While cooking, the butter melts and flavours the chicken from the inside and keeps it moist.
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    Coq au Vin

    A true classic, this French dish is prepared by slowly braising chicken in high quality wine and flavourful herbs, which work together to create a deeply satisfying flavour. Despite its reputation as a highly complex dish, it is remarkably simple to prepare. Serve this at your next dinner party to amp up your reputation as master chef. 
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    Chicken Cacciatore

    This hearty chicken stew is ideal in late summer or early fall, when its comforting aromas can counter the growing chill in the air.
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    Quickie Chicken Fricassee

    When you find yourself with leeks and carrots in the vegetable bin, you can have this sumptuous healthy dinner on the table in a French moment.
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    Classic Chicken With 40 Cloves of Garlic

    While it seems like an over-the-top amount, this recipe made famous years ago by James Beard, is still coveted by foodies. And the good news about our updated version. It’s been streamlined for the slow cooker and still packs a wallop of flavour.
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    Comforting & Easy Chicken & Dumplings

    Yes it’s possible to make uber soul-satisfying chicken and dumplings for a weeknight dinner with little effort – even if you’ve never made dumplings before...
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    Louisiana Fried Chicken

    What's the secret to juicy, tender fried chicken? Buttermilk!