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9 Easy Chicken Skillet Recipes

The skillet is a tried, tested and truly delicious way to cook chicken. Cast iron skillets in particular are a great way to cook everything in one and they let you finish a dish in the oven without transferring to bakeware. Mastering these easy chicken skillet recipes will keep the stove-top top of mind for your next meal.

  1. Recipes

    Chicken and Eggs Breakfast Skillet

    This one-skillet breakfast is a weekend hero. The combination of chicken, sausage and bacon will certainly get the meat-lover out of bed. Throw in any leftover veggies from the week, like spinach, tomatoes and onions. For a really indulgent brunch, try topping this dish with shredded cheese, chives and chopped bacon bits.
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    Skillet Chicken with Beets & Greens

    This recipe is a good choice to try your hand at sautéed beets and greens. If you’ve never tried them together before, you’ll love beets in the skillet because you can use all of their parts (leafy greens included) and they give a vibrant pink colour to the dish. Plus, they’re easy to cook––just watch for the liquid to be almost evaporated at that’s your signal the meal is ready to be served!
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    Chicken Sausage Succotash

    Succotash is a lima bean dish that’s the perfect accompaniment to chicken, so why not add the chicken directly into the mixture? In fact, you can add almost anything to this one-skillet dinner, making it a great way to use up leftover vegetables and meat. What makes it particularly rich and savoury is the combination of delicate Herbes de Provence, brown sugar and butter.
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    Polenta Chicken Skillet Pizza

    Cast iron skillets were created for dishes like this polenta chicken pizza dinner. The chicken breasts cook easily in the skillet on the stove-top, then the polenta (corn meal) pizza base gets its turn in the skillet, this time in the oven. The cooked slices of chicken breast are then added back on top of the polenta, along with other pizza toppings like marinara sauce, grated mozzarella cheese, onion and more. After 20-30 minutes more in the oven it’s pizza time!
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    Ground Chicken, Spinach & Egg Skillet

    A delicious, one-pan chicken and egg dish complete with veggies.
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    Bacon Garlic Chicken Skillet

    You don’t need to be a celebrity chef to make this delectable one-pan meal that is sure to impress your family.
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    Skillet Chicken with Balsamic Greens

    This delicious warm chicken meal makes a perfect light lunch or supper for a chilly fall day.
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    Skillet Lemon Chicken with Fresh Herbs and Couscous

    This healthy weeknight dish uses lemon slices and fresh herbs to cook up juicy chicken thighs jam packed with flavour.
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    Skillet Eggs and Chicken Sausage with Potatoes

    Try our easy and hearty dish that gets full flavour from common breakfast favourites. Look for chicken sausages at butcher's and grocery stores.