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9 Amazing Whole Chicken Recipes

Cooking a whole chicken is one of the easiest ways to put dinner on the table. Just add some veggies alongside the chicken and you have a nutritious meal for the family!

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    Thai-Style Sweet Chili Chicken (slow cooker)

    A simple and delicious slow cooker dish that teams well served over rice noodles or cooked brown rice.
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    Roast Chicken with Outside Stuffing

    This aromatic, apple-basted chicken is a delicious spin on the everyday. A sweet potato and apple stuffing only enhances the chicken’s flavour.
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    Christmas Truffle Chicken

    I know that Christmas is coming and I wanted to make you something just a little more special than usual.
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    Herb Roasted Chicken with Cranberry Barley Pilaf

    The variety of textures and flavours in this hearty pilaf pair beautifully with the French-inspired herbs in this mouthwatering roast chicken.
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    Lemongrass Hens

    This simple Thai inspired marinade uses sweet, sour and spicy ingredients to infuse flavour into a whole chicken.
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    Prosciutto Wrapped Roast Chicken with Root Vegetables

    It is hard to beat the classic roast chicken. While we aren’t trying to compete, this new twist on the classic is always a crowd pleaser.
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    Roast Chicken with Brown Lentil and Winter Squash Stuffing

    This hearty meal will make any cold winter evening feel nice and cozy. The sweet winter squash will fill your kitchen with its delicate aroma.
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    Garlicky Greek Chicken

    This prizewinning chicken recipe pairs a flavourful herb-rubbed, barbecue-roasted chicken with homemade tzatziki.
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    Beer Can Chicken

    Beer Can Chicken became popular a few years ago, and remained so with good reason.