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Beer Can Chicken

Video Title: How to Make Beer Can Chicken
Video Duration: 1:29
Beer Can Chicken became popular a few years ago, and remained so with good reason. The steam created by the beer transforms the chicken into a juicy, delectable delicacy. Cans of non-alcoholic beer and soft drinks work just as well in this recipe, with different flavour results.
Serves: 6
Prep Time: 2 hours
Cook Time: 1 hour 30 min


3 lb whole chicken
1 ½ cup your favourite marinade
1 can beer

Food Safety

Before you start, wash all surfaces and your hands with soap and warm water, and remember to wash your hands, utensils and cutting boards after they touch raw meat or eggs. Avoid cross-contamination by using a different cutting board for your meat and other ingredients. Make sure you’re cooking to safe temperatures and chilling any leftovers within two hours. For more food safety tips, visit our Food Safety at Home Section.


  1. Put the chicken in a large sealable plastic bag and add the marinade. Close the bag and turn it several times to make sure all of the chicken is coated with marinade.

  2. Refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight.

  3. On a 2 burner barbecue, light one burner and set it to medium heat.

  4. Open the can of beer and pour out about ¼ cup (60 mL). Make three more holes in the top of the can.

  5. Remove the chicken from the marinade and throw out the bag. Slide the chicken, with the legs pointing down, onto the can. The ends of the drumsticks should touch the bottom of the can and the chicken should stay upright on the can.

  6. Put the chicken and can over the unlit burner and use the legs to help keep the chicken upright.

  7. Close the barbecue lid. Grill for about 45 minutes then turn the chicken 180 degrees to ensure even heating.

  8. Close the lid and continue cooking for another 45 minutes or until a meat thermometer inserted in the breast reads 180°F (82°C).

  9. Remove the chicken and can from the barbecue and put them on a plate so that the can remains upright. Let stand for 15 minutes.

  10. The can and liquid will be very hot so take care not to burn yourself.

  11. Gently lift the chicken off the can and put the chicken on a cutting board. Throw out the can and liquid. Cut the chicken into portions and serve.

Helpful Tip

Beer can must be washed.

If you prefer, use chicken stock or lemonade instead of beer. Pour 1 ¼ cup (300 mL) into an empty soft drink or beer can.

Nutrition Info

Per 310 g serving Amount
Protein39 g
Fat36 g
Saturated Fat10 g
Carbohydrate5 g
Sugar3 g
Cholesterol165 mg
Sodium160 mg
Per 310 g serving % Daily Value
Vitamin A6
Vitamin C25
Vitamin B64
Vitamin B1235