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5 Spatchcocked Chicken Recipes

Spatchcocking (or butterflying) is a great way to ensure an evenly cooked whole bird and requires less cooking time. Check out our collection of amazing spatchcocked recipes.

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    Chili-Orange Flattened Chicken

    It’s incredible how much taste is captured in every single bite when you flatten a chicken (not hard to do) then weight it down while roasting or barbecuing.
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    Garlicky Greek Chicken

    This prizewinning chicken recipe pairs a flavourful herb-rubbed, barbecue-roasted chicken with homemade tzatziki.
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    Grilled Flattened Chicken with Spicy Roasted Corn

    The spicy roasted corn on the cob is perfect to serve with the herbed grilled chicken. If you like, have the butcher flatten your chicken for you.
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    Butterflied Chicken Italian-Style

    If you’ve never been to Italy before I suggest you start cooking this recipe. You’ll feel like you’re in the old country in no time.
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    Herb and Garlic Roast Chicken in Mushroom Pepper Ragout

    Serve this fall-from-the-bone tender slow-roasted chicken on a bed of buttered pappardelle egg noodles.