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10 Flavourful Chicken Soups

Chicken soup truly is a wonder food. Packed with nutrients, it can heal the body and warm the soul. Some studies even suggest that chicken broth can help reduce congestion and alleviate asthma symptoms. So it’s no wonder that variations of chicken soup can be found all over the world, with different ingredients adding unique flavours.

In addition to its special healing powers, chicken soup is incredibly versatile and easy to make. Recipes tend to serve more as guidelines than rules, and ingredients can easily be substituted with what is seasonally available or what you have in your fridge. To whip up a simple chicken broth, all you need to do it simmer chicken bones or scraps with a few choice veggies for a few hours, and voila! You have a flavourful base for any number of soups.

Here are a 10 chicken soup recipes to keep you warm and cozy.

  1. Recipes

    Thai-style Chicken & Rice Soup

    Jasmine rice, ginger, lime, and lemongrass liven up this take on the classic chicken and rice soup.
  2. Recipes

    Tuscan Vegetable & Chicken Soup with Ricotta Cheese Toasts

    Hankering for a taste of Italy? This soup uses traditional Italian pairings like garlic and rosemary and is served with savoury ricotta cheese toasts.
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    Roast Garlic and Black Bean Soup with Chicken

    This soup is hearty, nutritious, and full of flavour. You can easily use leftover rotisserie chicken for this recipe, so it’s quick and easy to make.
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    Mayan-style Pumpkin & Chicken Soup

    The pumpkin in this sweet and spicy soup adds a richness and flavour that sets it apart from the rest. And if you’re not a fan of pumpkin, you can easily replace it with the squash of your choice.
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    Thai Kabocha Squash Soup

    This gluten-free soup uses traditional Thai flavours like ginger, lime, tamari, cilantro, and coconut milk, which work together to create a soup with a creamy texture with a whole lot of flavour.
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    Ground Chicken, Squash & Chickpea Soup

    This recipe is low in calories, high in nutrients, and easy on the wallet. Make ahead to let the flavours develop and to have on hand for those cold winter nights.
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    Dutch-Style Chicken Meatball Soup

    This simple soup is a perfect dish for those days when you just need a quick pick-me-up. Classic comfort ingredients get an extra kick with fresh ground nutmeg and Worcestershire sauce.
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    Cream of Spinach & Chicken Soup

    Canned evaporated milk instead of cream adds richness to this lovely spinach soup and helps save on fat and calories.
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    Chicken “Faux” Pho

    Love pho but don’t have hours to make it? This recipe will give you a delicious “faux” soup in under two hours!
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    Cock-a-Leekie Soup

    Traditional Scottish Cock-a-Leekie soup is made with chicken, leeks, and often prunes. This recipe is a simplified version that uses prepared chicken broth, cooked chicken, barley, and potatoes. Brown sugar substitutes for the prunes.