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Recipes for Spring

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Sesame Gochujang Chicken Lettuce Cups

Gochujang is a flavourful and versatile hot pepper paste found commonly in Korean cooking.

Skillet Lemon Chicken with Fresh Herbs and Couscous

This healthy weeknight dish uses lemon slices and fresh herbs to cook up juicy chicken thighs jam packed with flavour.
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Sheet Pan Roast Chicken Thighs with Fennel and Potatoes

Sheet pan dinners are all the rage and with good reason. An entire meal can be cooked on one sheet leaving you with minimal clean-up. 

Alsatian Green Beans and Chicken

This unique way to serve up chicken is a wonderful way to retain the juiciness in the chicken and add flavour and texture to green beans.

Prosciutto & Basil Wrapped Chicken Over Greens

These prosciutto wrapped chicken bundles are really quite simple to prepare and not as difficult as they may first seem.

Asparagus Chèvre Chicken for One

Here's a quick dinner “for one” that combines lemon, fresh thyme, spring asparagus and creamy goat cheese with lean chicken.

Green Garlic Grilled Chicken with Pea Shoots & Greens

Green garlic is the stalk of garlic which emerges upwards in the spring before the bulbs start to grow larger.

Strawberry Pesto Chicken & Fusilli

The addition of early summer strawberries to this pesto-inspired dressing and marinade is sure to please.

Spring Spinach Stracciatella Soup

This delicious, comforting soup is filled with healthy ingredients. It’s best in the dead in the winter when you’re craving some green vegetables.

Spring Pea & Mint Soup

This soup is bright green, like early spring leaves thanks to the mint, peas and baby spinach.

Skillet Chicken with Balsamic Greens

This delicious warm chicken meal makes a perfect light lunch or supper for a chilly fall day.

Zuppa Lattuga

With two kinds of lettuce and a variety of herbs, this simple soup is packed with flavour.

Leek, Lovage, Potato & Chicken Chowder

This creamy chowder is an ideal dish to make in the chill of winter. Thick and hearty, it is a comforting soup that's perfect to have after shoveling snow.

Leek, Fennel & Chicken in Spelt Phyllo Crust

This open-faced tart is a delicious, nutritious take on quiche.

Honey Salsa Chicken & Spinach Wraps

Here we wrap up chicken and baby spinach with a zesty honey salsa. The recipe comes together quickly and uses common kitchen ingredients.

Fruit and Nut Wrap

This easy wrap is the perfect addition to lunchboxes. Sweet strawberries and crunchy almonds make it an unusual sandwich your kids will love.

Four-Season Warm Asian Salad (With Spinach)

This stunning looking salad with a perky soya-lime dressing works deliciously in winter with clementines, in summer with succulent peaches and with mangos an...

Easy Chicken Fried Rice

This easy dish is the perfect use for leftover chicken. With only 14 g of fat it's much healthier than take-out. Try adding vegetables you have on hand.