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Chicken with Black Garlic Sichuan Peppercorn BBQ Sauce and Cold Cucumber Cilantro Salad

This baked chicken with an Asian-inspired BBQ sauce will quickly become a household favourite.

Chinese Noodle, Broccoli Slaw & Chicken Bowls

A simple recipe that is perfect served for breakfast or lunch and uses only 7 commonly-found ingredients.

Stir-Fry Chicken with Baby Bok Choy & Peppers

Baby bok choy is one of my favourite greens for a stir-fry as it cooks quickly and has a mild, sweet taste.

Roast Chicken Chop Suey with Mushrooms

Why order take-out when you can create this easy to prepare family favourite Chinese dish in the comfort of your own home!

Szechuan Chicken

The flavourful sauce for this chicken dish is slightly sweet thanks to a hint of orange juice. This recipe is perfect served on a bed of steamed rice.

Orange Chicken Stir-Fry on Egg Noodles

Orange gives a lovely flavour to any stir-fry. Here, it brings the flavours of sage and thyme together to pair beautifully with the other ingredients.

Fast Five-Spice Roast Chicken

No need to wait until Chinese New Year to roast up this irresistible aromatic chicken.

Easy Chicken Fried Rice

This easy dish is the perfect use for leftover chicken. With only 14 g of fat it's much healthier than take-out. Try adding vegetables you have on hand.

Chinese California Fusion Chicken Salad Bowl

Fresh crisp iceberg lettuce, mixed greens and vegetables are paired with the crunchy textures of dry chow mein noodles, almonds and sesame seeds.

Chinese-style Steamed Chicken & Broccoli

If you like stir-fries then you will love this one-pot, fast and fresh chicken, broccoli and brown rice dish.

Chicken Egg Foo Young

You’ll never want to buy takeout again after tasting this delicious Chinese-inspired chicken omelette. It’s so easy to make at home, and nutritious to boot.