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Video Title: How to make: Chicken Poke Bowl
Video Duration: 0:45
Chicken School

How to Make Chicken Poke Bowl

The popularity of poke bowls inspired us to create our own version using glazed chicken instead the traditional raw fish.

Poke bowls are the latest in foodie trends. Originally from Hawaii, poke bowls generally consist of raw fish, rice and some kind of veg or legume and make for a very simple, yet surprisingly nutritious meal. Their popularity has spawned many variations including our own version that substitutes the raw fish for chicken thighs glazed in a Teriyaki-style sauce. 

Marinate the cubed chicken thighs (or substitute with chicken breasts, if you prefer) in our homemade glaze for at least 15 minutes and sauté until cooked through, about 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can marinate the thighs whole and grill them on the BBQ–weather permitting of course! Let stand for a few minutes before slicing. See our grilling guide for more info.  

Finally, presentation is an important element of the poke bowl with ingredients fanned and grouped together on top of the rice. Our version uses brown rice, avocado, cucumber, nori and edamame, but anything goes! Try it with quinoa instead of rice and experiment with other ingredients such as radish, shredded carrot and cabbage to name but a few 

Get the full recipe here