Chicken School

Cooped-Up: The Grilling Edition

6 of our favourite BBQ recipes for summer.

Just because we’re cooped up at home doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our backyards and BBQ season, so fire up that grill and try these delicious chicken recipes!

BBQ Shish Kebobs 

Kebabs or kebobs are a barbecue season favourite. They are prepared with fresh ingredients and pair well with rice pilaf or any rice you have on hand.

Grilled Maple Syrup Teriyaki Chicken

Nothing says Canadian like maple syrup. This recipe mixes the syrup with teriyaki sauce for an extra kick of flavour.

Summer Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad 

This fresh summer salad is served with a zesty salad dressing that can also be used as a marinade for your favourite chicken cuts.

BBQ Chicken Caprese Flatbread

If you like caprese salad, you’re going to love it even more served on this grilled pizza.

Chicken Burgers with Ginger Aioli Slaw 

These burgers can be enjoyed anytime of the year as they can be cooked in a non-stick pan or on your barbecue. They are served with an Asian inspired slaw and best served on a sesame bun.


This chicken rub is so simple to make and uses spices that you probably already have in your pantry. The addition of brown sugar gives the chicken a nice colour and creates a crackling skin.