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Common Chicken Roasting Mistakes–and How to Avoid Them

Easy Tips & Recipes For Roasting Chicken

Roasting chicken is easy, but there are some common myths and mistakes around roasting chicken we want to help you avoid. Put on your oven mitts and grab your roasting pans, it’s time to get roasting right!

Roasting is only for the whole bird

Although roasting is the most common technique for cooking a whole chicken, there are lots of great chicken recipes that roast different chicken cuts. Here are some of our favourites to get you inspired:

You need hours to roast a chicken

Roasting a chicken can actually be really quick, with many cuts requiring less than 30 minutes in the oven (see our chicken cooking times chart for all roasting times). When it comes to roasting a whole chicken, you can speed up the roasting process by flattening the chicken using a technique called spatchcocking. Bestselling cookbook author and Food Network personality Theresa Albert shows you how easy it is to spatchcock a chicken. Try out these chicken recipes for a quick roast chicken dinner any night:

No Time To Brine

Not true! Brining a chicken is one of the easiest ways to enhance the flavour of a chicken and ensure your chicken dish comes out juicy. Brining is basically soaking the chicken meat in a salt water mixture with seasonings. The mixture is approximately 30g of salt per 1L of water. Creating the brine only takes a few minutes and the effect of a brine works in 3-6 hours. So, if you have just a few hours before dinner, you’ll thank yourself for finding time to brine.