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Celebrate Chicken

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Braised Black Chicken with Kimchi and Jasmine Rice

Tangy and spicy, this simple-to-prepare dish has abundant flavour.
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Countryside Chicken, Mushroom and Spinach Meatloaf

Delicious when served warm from the oven, you can enjoy leftovers of this tasty meatloaf the next day in a sandwich.
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Individual Truffled Cheddar and Chicken Pot Pie

Comfort food at its finest, this pot pie recipe is elevated with the addition of a quality cheddar cheese, and truffle.

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich Topped with Apple Fennel Slaw

You can adjust the heat to suit your taste in this popular chicken sandwich.
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Orange and Mustard Marinated Chicken Breasts Served with Charred Pineapple and Red Onion Mustard Greens Salad

Make the marinade the day before. It makes perfect chicken every time.
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Sheet Pan Herb Roasted Chicken and Potato with Wild Mushroom and Red Wine Jus

The mushroom and red wine jus completes this elegant dish to serve your guests.
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Sticky Glazed Chicken Thighs

Juicy and tender chicken accompanied by a sticky, sweet and tangy sauce.
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Tokyo Summer Noodle Bowl with Chicken, Egg and Cucumber

For a refreshing and satisfying dinner when the weather heats up, this is the perfect noodle dish: cool, flavourful, and fun.
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Chicken Ballotine with Mushroom Tarragon and Chèvre Served with Israeli Couscous and Apricot Salad

Easy to prepare, but impressive to serve, this is a great main course for a special dinner.
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Parmesan Infused Summer Minestrone Soup with Shredded Chicken and Orzo

The classic Italian minestrone gets added flavour here with the addition of Parmesan rind.
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Chicken Cobb Salad

This version of the classic Cobb Salad uses poached chicken, and a creamy buttermilk dressing.
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Adobo Chicken Fajita

The adobo sauce in this dish gives this aromatic chicken dish an earthy and rich flavour.

Chicken, Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew

Use your Instant Pot to easily create this flavourful chicken stew. This would be delicious served over a bed of rice.
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Tarragon Chicken Burgers with Lemon Caper Mayonnaise

Up your burger game with these gourmet burgers at your next gathering. They’re easy to make and will get rave reviews.
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Chicken and Chorizo Rice All-In-One-Pan-Meal

Lying somewhere between Cuban Arroz con Pollo and Spanish Paella this dish is an all-in-one-pan meal.
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Spicy Fried Chicken Drumsticks with Hoisin Gochujang Sauce

The dipping sauce in this recipe combines palate-pleasing elements of umami, sweetness, and spiciness to enhance the flavour of the marinated chicken.

Sheet Pan Smoked Paprika and Saffron Chicken Thighs with Warm Spiced Lentils and Yogurt

Quick and easy prep and clean up, but not short on flavour, the lentils give this dish a Middle Eastern character.

Chicken with Black Garlic Sichuan Peppercorn BBQ Sauce and Cold Cucumber Cilantro Salad

This baked chicken with an Asian-inspired BBQ sauce will quickly become a household favourite.