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National Chicken Month

September is National Chicken Month and we are celebrating!

National Chicken Month is a time to celebrate the 2,803 Canadian chicken farmers and their hard work and dedication to farming and to Canadian consumers.

During September we also take a moment to appreciate the benefits chicken farming brings to Canada, whether it’s economic contributions, a safe and steady food supply, or even how nutritious and delicious chicken is!

National Chicken Month is also a time to talk about the care our farmers take when it comes to raising their birds. Our farmers all follow the mandatory Raised by a Canadian Farmer programs – they set out regulations and guidelines for the care and handling of the birds our farmers raise. Each program has strict guidelines that are audited on a regular basis.

The Raised by a Canadian Farmer logo provides additional assurance that the chicken Canadians buy is safe, fresh, of high quality, and was raised by caring hands.