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Take the pain out of groceries!

Grocery shopping has never been easier. Our app lets you create as many lists as you like, share them with anyone at any time and includes real-time syncing, so you’re always up to date. Our app works cross-platform, so iPhone and Android users can share, sync and shop – anytime, anywhere. An essential for anyone who grocery shops.


You’ve created a shopping list for dinner, but now you don’t have time to do the groceries. Share your list easily with as many members of your household as you like, and let them take care of it.


You’ve made a list, shared it, but you’ve decided you can grab the milk on your way home after all. Now what? With our real-time syncing there’s no worries. If you add or cross something off a list, it notifies anyone you’ve shared it with.
In real time.


Our database includes over 350 commonly purchased grocery items and categorizes them for you so you can shop with ease according the flow of the grocery store. Not finding something? You can create custom items and categorize them accordingly.

Desktop App

Browsing for recipe ideas on your desktop and want to create a shopping list? No problem. Our desktop version of the app allows you to create lists online that will automatically sync to your app.

Download the App

Available for iPhone 5 and up and Android 4.0.3 and up.
Also available for iPad and Android tablets.