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Chicken School

Know Your Chicken Cuts

Chicken is such a versatile protein and can be used in so many ways.

It’s also Canada’s favourite meat and the go-to choice when looking for something simple to cook for supper, a family favourite for those comfort meals, or some new way to wow your dinner guests. Chicken is flexible and can be quick and easy, or elaborate and fancy. 

Regardless how you prepare it, if you cook it right (which is easy if you check the internal temperature – see the chart here) it is always mouth-watering and delicious. Don’t overcook it!

But, while it is a very well-known meat, most people usually stick to their favourite cuts (in Canada that tends to be breast meat) with the odd whole bird thrown in occasionally. We’ve updated our chicken cuts poster with some new photos and a new look to give you a hand on trying something different. Don’t forget about the dark meat option when you are making your recipes, as most have a simple substitution option. Dark meat has more iron and zinc than white meat, so if you’re looking for a good source of them, check out chicken thighs the next time you are meal planning. 

Most of these cuts are available in every grocery store or you can cut them yourself with a little practice and we have a how-to video to help with this as well.

So without further delay, here you go!