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How to make: Sticky Rice and Chicken Sesame Balls
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How to Make Sticky Rice and Chicken Sesame Balls

These gorgeous little apps are guaranteed to be the hit of your next party.

While this recipe seems like it might not be for the novice chef, it’s actually surprisingly uncomplicated to make and the ingredients are readily available at most grocery stores.

The key to making these apps is the rice. It’s important you get glutinous white rice, aka sushi rice, which has a naturally sticky quality when cooked and is crucial to forming the apps into bite-sized balls.

Our recipe calls for boneless, skinless chicken thighs since it has richer flavour and complements the rice well, however, chicken breasts will also do in a pinch.

For an extra special touch use a squeeze bottle and drizzle a little spicy sushi sauce on top of the finished apps. You can easily make it at home by combining mayo (preferably Japanese mayo) with a little sriracha and a touch of lemon or lime juice.

Serve with a variety of dipping sauces including, soy sauce or ponzu sauce, Teriyaki sauce, sriracha and even a Thai sweet sauce.

Get the full recipe here.