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How to Make a Simple Chicken Loaf
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How to Make a Simple Chicken Loaf

This simple meatloaf made with chicken, is an easy and inexpensive way to get dinner on the table.

Meatloaf is one of those meals that everyone ate at some point growing up. It was a great way to stretch your buck and feed a whole family with few ingredients.

Not much has changed either. It’s still a great way to feed a large family on a budget, except nowadays we’ve gotten a little more adventurous, experimenting with different types of meats, spices and glazes. Our version takes the classic recipe you loved as a kid, but subs in lean ground chicken for its fattier beef counterpart making it a healthier alternative for your family.

Best thing about meatloaf (asides form the delicious factor) is that it’s also super easy to make. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and form into a giant square patty and place in loaf pan or cookie sheet. For the glaze simply combine ketchup and Worcestershire sauce and brush on top of the loaf. Bake at 425ºF for 35-45 minute or until the internal temperature of the loaf reaches 165ºF.

Serve with potatoes (mash, roasted or fried–they’re all good) and steamed veggies for a hearty, healthy and delicious meal.