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How to Make a Decent Chicken Chili
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How to Make a Decent Chicken Chili

Our slow-cooker chicken chili contains potatoes for a hearty, delicious meal.

We’ve got a different take on the classic chili. Our version uses potatoes for some additional roughage and carbohydrates. We also finish our chili off in a slow cooker, so you can be doing other things while dinner is cooking away. And using ground chicken instead of ground beef saves on calories and fat without sacrificing flavour.

Like a traditional chili, our version uses the classic spices of chili powder, cumin, onion and garlic powder and oregano. You can also use fresh chopped onion and garlic in place of the onion and garlic powder. Just make sure to cook it before adding your ground chicken. Once the chili mixture with your meat, spice and beans has simmered for 10 or so minutes it’s crock pot time. Call this a chili lasagna! We’re going to layer the slow cooker with chili, sliced potatoes, chili, cheese, potatoes, chili and top with cheese. Our recipe calls for mozzarella, but really any cheese will do. Cheddar and Monterey Jack both work perfectly. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. Dinner will be ready by the time you get home from work!

Just before serving sprinkle with some chopped green onions and sliced jalapeños and dollop of sour cream. This chili is better than decent. It’s amazing.