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Chicken Quesadillas in No Time
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Chicken Quesadillas In No Time

Theresa Albert shows us how to take a rotisserie chicken and use it to create a wide variety of mouthwatering quesadillas.

Here’s an easy chicken hack. For nights when you don’t have time to cook a big meal, simply grab a rotisserie chicken and some healthy sides from the grocery store. There’s enough for a few dinners at least and it won’t break the bank. In this video, Theresa shows us what to do with chicken leftovers by making versatile chicken quesadillas.

An electric skillet or griddle is a handy tool in the kitchen, especially for making these quesadillas. Don’t fret though! If you don’t have a plug-in griddle a non-stick pan works just as well. As long as you have chicken, cheese and flour tortillas, sky’s the limit on additional fillings. Try some variation or combination of the following ingredients: corn, avocado, bell peppers (or jalapeños!), black beans, cilantro, salsa and spring onions. The possibilities are literally endless. Layer your filling between the two tortillas and cook, flipping once until browned and crispy on both sides and the cheese is nicely melted. 

These quesadillas take only about 10 minutes to prep and cook, so they’re perfect for dinner on busy nights and / or quick snacks. Serve with salsa, sour cream and guacamole for a delicious meal.