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Canadians Want Canadian Chicken

More than ever, consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it is raised or grown.

More than ever, consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it is raised or grown. Canadian chicken is nutritious, easy to prepare, versatile and now it is easier than ever to identify in restaurants and grocery stores – making it the number one dinner choice for Canadian families!

According to recent marketing research:

  • 87% of Canadian primary shoppers think it’s important that the chicken they buy is raised in Canada.
  • 88% of Canadians would be more likely to buy chicken if it had a label showing that their chicken is Canadian raised.
  • 77% of Canadians would trust a Canadian raised chicken label if it came directly from a farmers group, rather than a manufacturer or retailer.

With the growing consumer demand for locally produced products, Chicken Farmers of Canada developed the “Raised by a Canadian Farmer” branding program which is now appearing in many retailers and restaurants throughout Canada.

By carrying the “Raised by a Canadian Farmer” logo in your restaurant(s) and store(s), you can assure Canadians that their chicken was raised right here in Canada, by responsible farmers that adhere to strict, national food safety and animal care standards.

Canadian chicken farmers have always been proud to provide Canadians with the highest quality chicken. Our farmers adhere to a strict mandatory On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Program (OFFSAP), a national standard that has received federal, provincial and territorial government recognition and full recognition by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. They also follow a mandatory and auditable Animal Care Program to ensure high animal care standards are being upheld on Canadian chicken farms across Canada.

Chicken Farmers of Canada is hoping to grow the program further by welcoming more retailers to the (free) “Raised by a Canadian Farmer” program. By carrying the easy-to-identify logo, consumers can trust that they are supporting Canadian chicken farmers and providing their families with nutritious, high-quality and responsibly-raised chicken.

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