non perishables


Stuff to store in your cupboards


Flour (Choose whole-wheat flour instead of white.)

Coffee/Tea (Herbal tea such as green tea makes a healthy caffeine-free alternative to coffee.)

Cold cereal (Try whole grain cereal that's low in sugar.)

Hot cereal (Quick-cooking oatmeal is delicious, fiber rich, and a snap to prepare.)


Pasta (Grab a variety of both long - spaghetti, fettucine - and short - penne, rigatoni - shapes and noodles to keep on hand. When possible try to buy whole grain pastas and noodles which are better for you.)

Pasta sauce (Bottled sauces are better than ever: use as is or as a starter for your own sauce. Check fat and sodium content.)

Rice (Choose brown over white rice.)

Spices (Start with salt, pepper, and perhaps something with several herbs, such as Italian seasoning.)

Oils (Start with vegetable oil, for sautéing, olive oil, for salads, and peanut oil, for stir fries.)

Canned meat (Water-packed tuna fish and chicken make quick, easy, protein-filled sandwiches.)

Canned tomatoes (Keep both diced and pureed varieties around for soups, stews, and pasta sauces.)

Canned beans (The more variety, the better! Try chickpeas, lentils, and kidney beans which are low in fat and rich in fibre, making them a quick way to boost the protein content of pasta dishes, soups and salads.)

Snacks (Consider healthy alternatives to chips and cookies such as pretzels, dried fruits, and nuts.)

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