Chilly Chickens need Soup!

January is National Soup Month and a perfect time to warm up on those cold winter days with soups that are flavourful, nutritious and tasty.

By: Kelly Atyeo-Fick, B.A.Sc., M.H.Sc., P.H.Ec.

How many of you find that you’re a chilly chicken in the middle of January? It’s not surprising…January is COLD!  Our Canadian winters can be harsh, with temperatures dropping to below 20 degrees Celsius. Well, the good news is we have something to cheer the chill right out of you!

January is National Soup Month and a perfect time to warm up on those cold winter days with soups that are flavourful, nutritious and tasty.

Different Types of Soups

Soup might seem like a simple meal, but it can actually be quite complex.  There are so many types of soups, each having their own unique qualities that make them delish!  Typically, soups are classified based on their consistency (i.e. thick soups or thin, clear soups).1

Some examples of thick soups include: Pureed and creamy1

Thin or clear soups include: Broth based and consommés1

It’s no secret that chicken is a very important component of many soups.  Chicken acts as a base for many consommés and a key ingredient in the creation of a broth or stock. 2 Beyond that chicken is a component of the texture in soups and of course nutrition!  So, it makes sense to start the National Soup Month conversation with chicken. 

Here’s a very simple chicken broth recipe that you can use as a base for all your soups. 

Get Cooking!

If you’ve never made soup before, a good place to start is with a Classic Chicken Noodle Soup.  

You can even use your Chicken Broth recipe and add whatever vegetables you’d like to make it your own!

Now that you’ve mastered a classic, try to switch it up with some different soup recipes.

Spice it up with this Mexican Chicken Soup to warm up in the winter months: 

Or make a rendition of this Miso Chicken & Tofu Soup, that combines chicken breast with tofu and edamame to bulk up the protein content:

Creamy Soups that Cut back on Fat

Sometimes creamy based soups are lower in protein, but higher in fat.  Not the recipes below! The chicken adds more nutrients to these soups, plus the fat is kept in check by using substitutions for full fat heavy cream.

Szechwan Carrot & Chicken Soup:  This recipe uses 2% milk and light sour cream for flavour and to cut back the fat.  

Thai Kabocha Squash Soup:  The light coconut milk makes this recipe creamy and rich. 

Hot Avocado Chicken & Rice Soup:Have you ever thought of making soup creamy using avocado?  If not, you must try this recipe!  Avocados provide healthy fats and tons of antioxidants – making them a healthier option to add creaminess.

Stay warm this winter and be sure to check out all the wonderful soup recipes on!


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