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  • cfc weekly food journal EN
    Food, Beverages and Activity Journal

    Food carries nutrients. To maximize nutrition, meal balancing is key.

  • Factsheet1 Health4Life
    Factsheet 1 – Your Health is For Life: Putting It All Together

    Diabetes and heart disease are hot topics today. Their prevention and treatment is in your hands. Learn about the right foods to choose for health and disease management.

  • Factsheet2 WomensHealth web
    Factsheet 2 – Healthy Living for Women: It’s in Your Hands

    Women know that the path to improving their health is not solely based upon medical treatment or the knowledge that they are disease-free. Looking for a holistic approach to optimize your health? Read these tips to jump start your exercise regime, eat right, sleep well, and manage stress.

  • Factsheet3 Diabetes web
    Factsheet 3 – Diabetes: Making the Right Food Choices

    Are you confused about what approach to take for your own diabetes care and management? Diabetes is a lifelong, manageable disease. Medication, exercise and your food choices have a significant impact on your blood sugar control. If you are looking for ways to manage your health, try these steps along with consultations with a dietitian and your doctor.

  • Factsheet4 LoveThatHeart web
    Factsheet 4 – Love That Healthy Heart

    Your heart is the most functional organ in your body. Keeping your heart healthy should be a priority for all Canadians. Learn how to help reduce your cholesterol levels through diet and exercise.

  • Factsheet5 SaltSavvy web
    Factsheet 5 – Protect Your Health – Get Salt Savvy!

    Sodium (salt contains sodium) is the ingredient responsible for increasing blood pressure. One-in-five Canadians has high blood pressure, which is a significant risk factor for stroke, heart attack and kidney disease. Keep your blood pressure in check by learning how to reduce your daily intake of sodium.

  • Factsheet6 WeightLoss web
    Factsheet 6 – Managing Your Weight

    If you are looking to shed some pounds to improve your health and feel great, get hyped to try these steps. Eating well and being active contribute to long-term health benefits and can lower your risk of many chronic diseases including hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.

  • Screen Shot 2012 02 13 at 4.19 .31 PM
    Factsheet 7 – Baby Boomers and Zoomers

    Baby Boomers are a generation of active living people. Today, life expectancy for women is into their late eighties and for men, into their mid-eighties. Your goal is to live longer with vitality. Learn about the health benefits of exercise and getting the proper nutrients at 50 plus.

  • Screen Shot 2012 02 13 at 4.24 .09 PM
    Factsheet 8 – Screen or Scream: Are Your Kids Spending Too Much Time With the Tube?

    Recent studies have determined a positive correlation between increased sedentary time (not moving much) with increased obesity in all age groups, including children and youth. Find out what you can do to get your kids moving and eating healthier.

  • Screen Shot 2012 02 13 at 4.28 .20 PM
    Factsheet 9 – Snack Attack! Keep it Healthy!

    Snacking is on the rise, with structured meals on the decline. Canadians love their snacking more than Americans. If we’re not careful, snack foods can be calorie-dense and nutrient poor. Learn how to make your snacks healthier. Here are some ideas for work, home and play.

  • men health thumb
    Factsheet 10 - Men’s Health: Take Action & Make Healthy Choices

    The top three health issues for men are cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. The good news is that you can prevent or lower your risk of developing these conditions by making healthy lifestyle choices.

  • gluten free thumb
    Factsheet 11 - Gluten-Free Eating

    We’re hearing more about gluten and gluten-free foods lately. Could a gluten-free diet be healthier for you? Let’s look at the facts.

  • ama zinc thumb
    Factsheet 12 - The AMA-ZINC Nutrient Essential for Good Health

    A well-balanced diet not only tastes great, but also provides essential vitamins and minerals. Zinc is a mineral that you need in small amounts every day to stay healthy.

  • 13 Thumb EN
    Factsheet 13 - Strategic Eating and Refueling for Peak Performance

    Eating the right types of foods and fluids at the optimal times allows us to train hard, recover, rebuild, and benefit from our exercise training, while coping with the demands of our busy lifestyles. The result: better exercise performance, less risk of injury and fatigue, a healthy body composition, and less chance of feeling hungry throughout the day. 

  • 14 Thumb EN
    Factsheet 14 - Chicken is Nutritious & Delicious

    When it comes to health benefits, protein has a lot to offer. Several studies have shown that moderate increases in protein intake can be part of several strategies when it comes to weight management. Protein is unique in its ability to help us feel full longer after eating, which can help to control appetite. By helping to maintain a healthy body weight, higher protein intakes may play a role in reducing the risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes.

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