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Lunchroom Eats

Hey Moms and Dads – Happy Back to School time! How are the lunches coming along? Are your kids enjoying what’s being packed in their lunch boxes or are they getting picky already?

By: Kelly Atyeo-Fick, B.A.Sc., M.H.Sc., P.H.Ec. 

Hey Moms and Dads – Happy Back to School time!  How are the lunches coming along?  Are your kids enjoying what’s being packed in their lunch boxes or are they getting picky already? 

Here’s the good news - it’s easy to get creative with back to school lunch ideas that are simple, nutritious and keep your kids excited about what’s on the menu for the school day ahead!

Easy Peasy Lunches

What’s the best lunch recipe?  An easy one!  You don’t want to be pressed for time making complicated meals during the week – especially in September when you are just getting the kids into the back to school groove.  

Chicken Salad Sandwiches or Chicken Wraps are definitely easy grab and go recipes.

Simply chop up some leftover chicken breast, add a little bit of mayonnaise or ranch dressing and mix with some of your child’s favourite veggies (celery, carrots, cucumbers).  Use this mixture as a base on a whole grain bun or wrap!

Soup at School!

This year invest in a GOOD thermos for your child.  Why you ask?  A good thermos will keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold (typically for around 6 hours!).1  This is perfect for sending warm meals to school – like chicken soup! You can make your soups well in advance (and even freeze them) to add to the lunchbox when things are hectic.  A warm meal awaits them in the cafeteria! 

Pizza Party!

Leftover pizza is an awesome school lunch.  Pizza even tastes good cold!  So, have a pizza party with your kids at least once a week and make enough pizza for leftovers.  Try this Tuscan Chicken Pizza – you can wrap up and refrigerate/freeze the leftovers to pull out for a quick lunch. 

Get the Kids Involved!

The most important thing for back to school lunch-making is getting your kids involved.  If they take part in the creation of their own school lunches they’ll be more likely to actually eat their lunch – which is the whole idea!  Plus, they’ll be able to communicate their food preferences while you make the lunch together, rather than you finding a half eaten sandwich coming home.  This will also help them continue to develop a positive relationship with food! 

Have a happy and healthy school year!


1. Harrison, C. (2015). 4 things to know about using a thermos for school lunches. Retrieved September 13, 2017, from


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