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Not Your Average Barbecued Chicken

Get ready for BBQ season with these mouthwatering recipes.

Who doesn’t love barbecue season? Cooking on the barbecue is a fantastic way to add a depth of flavour and texture to some of your favourite foods. Here are a few of our most tried-and-true barbecue recipes for you to enjoy.


You don’t have to be a master chef to come up with your own tasty chicken burger recipes. By using some of your favourite seasonings and ingredients, you can create a gourmet burger that will have you enjoying our short-lived Canadian BBQ season.

Saucy Mozzarella & Chicken Burgers

Mozzarella cheese and your favourite pasta or pizza sauce make the perfect toppings for these Italian spiced burgers.

Easy BBQ Chicken and Bean Burgers

These juicy burgers are made with lean ground chicken, beans, and oats, making them a great source of fibre.

Spinach Feta Burgers

Here’s a delicious alternative to ground beef burgers–and with only 15 g of fat and 29 g of protein–it’s a healthy alternative too!

Jerk Chicken Quinoa Burgers with Jerk BBQ Sauce

These healthy chicken burgers pack a ton of protein by combining lean ground chicken and quinoa and are served with a spicy jerk sauce.


Kabobs are the perfect meal to serve up from the grill as they are inexpensive, easy to prepare, and fun to eat. There are countless ways to assemble your ideal kabob; choose from any number of seasonal vegetables, marinades, and spices.

Start by cutting your meat and veggies into 1 inch thick cubes to allow for even cooking. If you are using ground meat, avoid using too much or the weight will cause it to fall apart (we recommend refrigerating the prepared skewers for 2 hours before grilling to help everything solidify). For ultimate flavour, try marinating your meat and veggies for at least 30 minutes before grilling. 

Gin and Tonic Kabobs with Mint Tabbouleh

The gin in this marinade brings out the flavours of the spices for a uniquely delicious dish. These kabobs are delicious paired with the hearty tabbouleh.

Chicken Yakitori with Warm Carrot Salad

Canadian summers are short so why not leave the take-out for those cold winter months and grill up your favourite Asian dish instead?

Tropical Chicken Kabobs

If your kids are picky eaters, grill up a batch of these sweet kabobs. The caramelized pineapple works perfectly with the colorful sweet potatoes.

Egyptian Kabobs with Mint Potato Salad

Yogurt keeps these flavourful kabobs tender and juicy and their smoky heat pairs wonderfully with the mint potato salad. 

Low-Calorie Barbecue

Health conscious? Don’t worry, we have you covered. These diet-friendly BBQ chicken recipes are perfect for the calorie-conscious who want to enjoy a lean summer.

Caribbean Chicken

Using skinless chicken legs reduces the fat and calories of this tasty dish. The accompanying mango salsa provides fibre which is important in maintaining a healthy weight.

Barbecued Chicken Thighs au Vin

This take on coq-au-vin is an easy way to achieve the flavours of the classic dish without committing to the extensive time and effort it takes.

BBQ Chili Drumsticks with Avocado Tomato Salsa

Craving some Tex-Mex? These smoky drumsticks are complemented by the sweet, creamy avocado and tomato salsa. 

Garlicky Greek Chicken

This recipe is a crowd pleaser and your guest will be even more impressed when they find out that it’s low in calories!

Spice It Up!

Are you looking to spice up your BBQ experience this year? We have a great assortment of BBQ rub and sauce recipes that will have your taste buds thanking you for all the excitement. 

Chili Cherry BBQ Sauce

By using fun ingredients like dried sour cherries, port, cherry cola, chili sauce, and balsamic vinegar, this recipe will be one to share with your family and friends at your next BBQ gathering.

Barbecue Chicken Rub

Rub a dub dub, thanks for the rub. Give your hands a good work out by rubbing this simple yet irresistible rub on your favourite cut of chicken.

Cajun Drums

Make sure you have plenty of napkins available for these Cajun drums.  This unique sauce is both sticky and spicy and perfect for kids who like to get their hands dirty!

Coyote Roast Chicken with Chile Cinnamon Rub

This Mexican-inspired rub uses a mix of ancho chili powder, cinnamon, cumin, and thyme.  You’ll want to keep this recipe on hand at all times after sampling this wonderfully spicy chicken. 

For more on how to spice up your barbecue, check out these how-to videos on making your own BBQ sauce and BBQ rubs.