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How to Make Chicken Nori Rolls
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How to Make Chicken Nori Rolls

Our teriyaki-marinated chicken is the perfect complement to hand-rolled sushi.

Most people think making sushi at home is just too complicated. While it’s not the ideal recipe for beginning cooks, it’s certainly something any novice at-home chef can master over time. To make sushi rolls (or maki as it’s also known) you may require some equipment and specialty ingredients but these are readily available at most Asian supermarkets and even many traditional grocery stores.

These specialty items include:

  • A sushi mat – a bamboo mat for rolling
  • Sushi rice – this is stickier than regular rice and perfect for rolling and maintaining its shape
  • Nori – a type of dried seaweed used as a casing for sushi rolls
  • Rice vinegar – a vinegar fermented using rice
  • Wasabi – a spicy horseradish condiment often served with sushi
  • Pickled ginger – used as a palate cleanser after eating or between dishes

To Roll:

Once all your ingredients are prepped lay your nori onto a clean, dry sushi mat. Spread the rice evenly over the surface leaving a 1 inch border on the top and bottom and a 1/2 inch border on either side. Layer your filling neatly lengthwise and use the mat to roll the sushi tightly. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour and up to 24 hours. With the plastic wrap still on, slice the rolls into even bite-sized pieces. Remove the plastic wrap before serving.

Serve with the wasabi and ginger as a main meal or a party appetizer.