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How to Make BBQ Rubs
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How to Make a BBQ Rub

Master your grill with a signature barbecue rub. With just a few spices, you can completely transform your chicken!

A BBQ rub is every backyard chef’s secret weapon. A mixture of dry spices and herbs, literally rubbed into your meat, helps infuse your meat with flavour. It’s also extremely inexpensive and incredibly easy to make a homemade rub from scratch.

So here’s the rub… literally!

It’s just a matter of combining the dry ingredients and stirring them together. As long as your rub doesn’t come into contact with raw meat it can be kept in a tightly sealed jar or container for up to six months. And as the name implies you simply rub it on your chicken and grill. You can also cheat and shake the chicken and spices together in a ziplock bag.

Grill as usual!

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