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Eating healthy over the holidays


The holiday season is about family, friends and of course good food!

It’s a time to enjoy the holiday foods we only get a few times a year – yet some people start the season by thinking about all the potential weight they are going to gain.  Don’t let that be you!  Go into the holiday season with a plan to enjoy yourself guilt free with these simple tips.

Holiday Party Plans

If you are attending multiple Christmas dinners or “holiday parties”, think about what you are going to eat at the specific events.  For example, if you know you are going to be eating two turkey dinners in a row – try to switch up the side dishes so you eat different options on both days but still get to enjoy the meals. 

When attending holiday functions – balance the meals you eat before the party.  You don’t want to eat too much beforehand, but you also don’t want to attend the party overly hungry.  This might cause you to overeat.

Take Home The Dessert

Ever find that you’re absolutely stuffed after the main course in a holiday meal?  Don’t feel that you need to eat the dessert directly after.  Instead, take home your dessert and eat it when you’ll truly enjoy it – maybe the next day or later that evening.

Vegetables and Fruit Platters

Be the person that brings the veggies and fruit for an appetizer or dessert.  Eating veggies and fruit instead of cheeses, nuts or bacon-wrapped treats, is a great way to cut back on the calories during the prelude to the main meal.

Look at Your Plate

Just because it’s a time of indulgent foods, that doesn’t mean you need to “overeat” these foods.  Portion control still applies for the holiday season, so when putting food on your plate think about the quantity you’re serving yourself.  Is the entire half of your plate stuffing?  Maybe only put a quarter of stuffing and add some carrots or peas?  Or maybe skip the dinner roll if your main meal has a lot of carbs. 

You don’t want to be restrictive, but still mindful.  Simply using a smaller plate may also help you keep your portions in check!

By: Kelly Atyeo-Fick, B.A.Sc., M.H.Sc., P.H.Ec.

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Kelly Atyeo-Fick Guest Author

Kelly Atyeo-Fick is a Professional Home Economist with a background in nutrition and nutrition communication. She is President and co-owner of LiveWell Marketing, a creative agency committed to linking brands and consumers in the pursuit of living well. Kelly is also a health writer, nutrition communication consultant, and public speaker. Through her activities she strives to educate people on nutrition and health, while giving people the tools to make healthy foods a part of their lifestyle.

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