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Movember Month!


The “N” of November has almost officially been replaced with an “M” as many people across the world start the month by sporting a moustache for “Movember”. 

The Movember Foundation is a charity that is dedicated to helping support the quality of life for men across the globe.1 The foundation’s focus is prostate and testicular cancer, mental health and physical inactivity.1

Prostate Cancer

The third leading cause for death in Canada is prostate cancer.2 Some of the risks for prostate cancer include increasing age, family history and being from a black-African and Afro-Caribbean decent.2

Although not always seen, some symptoms men experience2:

  • frequent urination at night
  • difficulty starting to urinate
  • painful urination & ejaculation

Testicular Cancer

As opposed to prostate cancer, testicular cancer is more common in younger men between the ages of 15-29, however – risk remains highest up until 40 years of age. 3 Unfortunately, there are no known causes for testicular cancer and similar to prostate cancer the symptoms are not always obvious. 3

Some symptoms that men may experience include3:

  • swelling, changes in shape or lumps in testicles
  • pain or discomfort in testicles and/or scrotum

Self-assessments and Screening

For testicular cancer, men should learn how to conduct a self-assessment.  This can help diagnose the disease early to proceed with treatment.3 For prostate cancer, there are a series of diagnostic tests the doctor may recommend (i.e. Digital Rectal Exam and PSA blood test). 2 Ask a healthcare professional about these screening tools.

Mental Health

In Canada, 1-10 men will battle major depression in their life.4 Sadly, the idea that men must appear “strong” can lead some to avoid getting the support they need to address their mental health.4 Be sensitive to the changes going on in everyone’s lives and create a support system for your loved ones.

Physical Inactivity

Being active has so many benefits, including improving both the health of your body and your mind.  Yet, a startling 41% of men in developed countries don’t get enough exercise.5  Get active and have fun!

  • Join a sports team with your buddies
  • Organize a friendly neighbourhood football game
  • Go on a brisk walk with your partner or pet!
  • If you like to golf, opt to walk vs. taking the cart
  • Go for a run and use an exercise app to track your fitness goals

Don’t just grow a moustache this Movember to “look the part”; educate your family, friends and coworkers on men’s health and support this great cause.

To learn more about how to support men’s health, please visit:


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By: Kelly Atyeo-Fick, B.A.Sc., M.H.Sc., P.H.Ec.

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Kelly Atyeo-Fick Guest Author

Kelly Atyeo-Fick is a Professional Home Economist with a background in nutrition and nutrition communication. She is President and co-owner of LiveWell Marketing, a creative agency committed to linking brands and consumers in the pursuit of living well. Kelly is also a health writer, nutrition communication consultant, and public speaker. Through her activities she strives to educate people on nutrition and health, while giving people the tools to make healthy foods a part of their lifestyle.

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