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The new Canadian chicken label lets you know that your chicken is raised by a Canadian farmer—ask for it in store!


Responding to growing demands from consumers to know where their food comes from, Chicken Farmers of Canada has introduced its “Raised by a Canadian Farmer,” a branding program showcasing the commitment of farmers to provide families with nutritious chicken raised to the highest standards of care, quality and freshness.

The Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand will tells Canadian consumers, right on the packages of chicken they buy, that their chicken is produced within our borders by farmers dedicated to producing unmatched quality chicken that meets the highest nutrient, food safety and animal welfare standards.

Recent Leger Marketing studies reveal that Canadian primary shoppers believe it is important that chicken be labelled with its country of origin and over 85% feel it is important that the chicken they buy is Canadian, not imported.

Moreover, the majority of Canadians would trust that chicken label  as best if it came directly from a farmers’ group, rather than a retailer or manufacturer, which is what the Chicken Farmers of Canada is doing.

Farmers are pleased to be among the 2,700 chicken farmers providing a nutritious choice for Canadian families.”

Canadian chicken is a key differentiator both because of consumer preferences for local food and because of Canadian farming practices, which ensure that chicken Raised by a Canadian Farmer is fresh, safe and of the highest quality. Ninety-eight per cent of Canadian chicken farmers are certified in Chicken Farmers of Canada’s mandatory national on-farm food safety program. Each farmer is audited annually to ensure compliance.

In addition, Chicken Farmers of Canada‘s Animal Care Program ensures that farmers are aligned with humane treatment standards. The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association support the implementation of the Animal Care program. Just like the food safety program, farmers are also audited under this program to ensure that animal welfare standards and practices are strictly followed.


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    A K

    Great initiative. Does this also guarantee that Canadian chicken is processed in Canada (and not say, china)?

    3 years ago
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    Vera W

    Great job...I'm sure consumers will appreciate knowing that they are purchasing chicken raised in Canada.

    3 years ago

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