The Amazing Chicken Food Hack You Have to Try!


Do you know those people who say you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Well we don’t like cake, we like chicken, and we also don’t like limitations. Limitations like having to choose between either cooking with the skin on your chicken – retaining the amazing flavour and juices – or having a low fat, low calorie meal.

Not possible right? Wrong! As part of a recent study undertaken by our best chicken scientists (really more like wizards) we’ve come up with the most incredible food hack that’s so amazing you’ll think it’s witchcraft.

The study found that cooking chicken with the skin on, retaining all the amazing juices, and then removing it before serving actually reduced the amount of fat and calories in the meat.

Yes you read that right. We’ll wait for you to compose yourself…

Through an amazing feat of what we’re calling chicken osmosis, the fat in the meat is actually drawn into the skin and absorbed during cooking, which means that removing it afterwards takes most of the fat with it.

This means you can buy skin-on cuts, which are often cheaper, and make the same nutritious, low fat recipes you are used to with skinless cuts but still retain the moisture that you love. That’s because although the fat gets absorbed into the skin, the meat still retains more water making it more tender and juicy. Read more about this amazing scientific breakthrough and many other great health tips in our Nutrition section.

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