As the holiday season approaches, social calendars get filled fast. Cookie swaps, potlucks, open houses – each requires a good variety of food to keep guests happy. One of the least stressful ways to stock your party table is with appetizers. These portable morsels are a hit with everyone. Make-ahead appetizers will reduce stress, while wrapped or skewered appetizers keep things fun, mess-free, and delicious.

The best recipes during the hectic holiday season are those you can make in advance. Several appetizer recipes can be made and frozen a few days ahead of time and reheated in the oven when it’s time to serve. Other recipes make use of the trusty slow cooker. The pot from your slow cooker is an ideal vehicle for easily transported appetizers, like meatballs. Try making our Chili Cranberry Fusion Meatballs for your next potluck.

On a buffet table, there’s nothing more appealing than an appetizer bundled into its own edible wrapper. Wonton wrappers, phyllo dough, and puff pastry can surround an infinite variety of fillings inspired by any cuisine you choose! Our Chicken Wontons with Raspberry Szechuan Sauce make good use of the wrappers, and because they’re neatly packaged, they’re perfect for cocktail parties.

In addition to the appeal of the edible package, food-on-a-stick is always popular. Portable and visually stunning, you can’t go wrong having skewers threaded with a variety of meat and vegetables on your table. They’re great for kids and grown-ups alike! Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce is the perfect dish to feature at your next soirée.

With a little inspiration, it’s easy to think outside the typical veggies-and-dip platter. There are endless flavour combinations to be tried in your quest for the perfect appetizer. For more ideas on what to put on your holiday buffet table, check out the Appetizers section of our recipe collection.

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