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The ever popular Italian Panini certainly deserves its own National holiday. This delicious sandwich is available on just about every menu out there and is especially popular with lunch goers.

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Budgeting is an important part of organizing your income to ensure that you have money available for life’s essentials. One of those essentials is food – which Canadians spend approximately $7,980 on per year.1 

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Kelly Atyeo Guest Author

Kelly Atyeo is a Professional Home Economist with a background in nutrition and nutrition communication. She is Vice President and co-owner of Creative Sampling Solutions Inc., a food marketing company that creates and executes retail programs and consumer shows related to Eating for Wellness. Kelly is also a health writer, nutrition communication consultant, and public speaker. Through her activities she strives to educate people on nutrition and health, while giving people the tools to make healthy foods a part of their lifestyle.

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Local, in-season, sweet and delicious corn is really at its peak right now! You’ll find overflowing bins of it at every farmers market and grocery store in your area so why not stock-up and put it to good use?

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Anita Stewart, cookbook author and culinary activist, launched the event as part of Canada’s Food Day back in 2004 in order to celebrate all those hard-working Canadian men and women who bring local food to our tables. The event started in 2003 as a way to demonstrate support for Canadian Beef producers.



Swimming Canada is excited to announce a new incentive program sponsored by the Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) for Canadian swimmers about to compete at the FINA World Championships in Russia.

When a Canadian swimmer wins an individual world championship medal, CFC will donate $1,000 to that swimmer’s local food bank, and an additional $1,000 to their swim club, for a total of $2,000 per medalist

“Our chicken farmers are proud to support Canadian swimmers, from the national competitive level, to young children learning how to swim. Our partnership with Swimming Canada is a source of tremendous pride and we believe in supporting Canada’s greatest athletes with Canada’s greatest meat,” says Dave Janzen, Chairman of CFC.

“We appreciate the fact that CFC has given our athletes a chance to give back to their club and their community”, says John Atkinson, Swimming Canada High Performance Director.  “Our athletes are already very motivated, but having some important funding go back to their hometowns will be a bit of extra incentive”.

“CFC has been an important partner of ours for the past three years,” said Chris Wilson, Swimming Canada’s Director of Marketing.  “Farmers and swimmers alike work hard to make Canadians proud. This incentive is just another example of how well our organizations work together.”

“As the official protein of swimming in Canada, it gives our chicken farmers great joy to support our athletes and “join with our fellow Canadians in providing healthy food for those in need,” says Janzen.

Coming off a successful Pan Am Games in Toronto where they won 27 medals, Team Canada is in search of more hardware at the world championships.  A team made up of 28 swimmers – 10 male and 18 females will be in action through August 9.  Sportsnet one will have coverage of all eight days of pool swimming August 2-9.  Check your local listings for details.

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